Funding for Remediation

We evaluate all options from private insurance policies, Indiana’s Excess Liability Trust Fund (ELTF), and federal grants, to collecting from those who actually caused the contamination.

IDEM Claim

Gahl Legal Group provides a roadmap for resolving a client’s situation, be it a Notice of Liability from IDEM, an underground storage tank (UST) violation letter, or a demand for compliance relating to hazardous waste.

Clean Up Management

Our work includes evaluating regulatory reporting duties, hiring and working with an environmental consultant, interacting with IDEM, overseeing the work plans and results, and assessing closure options to best match the client’s goals.


Whether buying or selling a property with potential or actual environmental issues, identifying the risks and exercising due diligence are critical steps. Gahl Legal Group crafts the terms to get the deal closed.

Our Highlights

  • Positioned Township to sell contaminated ground after managing IDEM cleanup and securing third-party funding
  • Steered Manufacturer through acquisition of a heavily contaminated and litigated property
  • Guided City’s beautification and redevelopment of contaminated riverfront property
  • Negotiated multi-site global settlement with IDEM for Petroleum Supplier regarding its 45-year operational history at 15+ gas stations
  • Achieved IDEM closure for Dry Cleaning Operators with insurance paying for all legal and environmental work
  • Counseled century-old Powerplant on environmental stewardship
  • Pursued responsible parties to successfully recover damages owed to Property Owner
  • Advised Bank on environmental liability and risk before providing financing to

Our Mission

Gahl Legal Group represents municipalities, businesses, and individuals on environmental matters, responsible parties and those impacted by releases, landowners and tenants, and dry cleaning operators and factory owners. From power plants and Fortune 500 companies, to a widow with a vacant corner gas station lot. These clients come to Gahl Legal Group because environmental strategy is what we do.


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