contamination2sm“Our focus is to relieve you of that overwhelming feeling. We translate the complexity into a targeted strategy to secure funding for the cleanup while addressing any liability.  Whether you just need guidance on reporting a spill or desire that we manage the entire process, we effectively and efficiently navigate you through the world of environmental contamination.”

Securing Funding For the Investigation and Remediation: At the center of Gahl Legal Group’s Environmental Services is obtaining funds from third-party sources to protect the client and complete the necessary environmental work. We evaluate all options from private insurance policies, Indiana’s Excess Liability Trust Fund (ELTF), and federal grants, to collecting from those who actually caused the contamination.

Defending Against the IDEM Claim or Civil Complaint: Gahl Legal Group provides a roadmap to resolve the client’s situation, be it a defendant in a lawsuit or recipient of an Underground Storage Tank (UST) violation letter.  Nick’s extensive environmental litigation experience, coupled with his relationship with IDEM, make him ready to defend any environmental matter.

Managing the Cleanup: From discovery of contamination to final closure, Gahl Legal Group guides the site through the many moving parts of an environmental investigation and remediation.  Our work includes evaluating regulatory reporting duties, hiring and working with an environmental consultant, interacting with IDEM, overseeing the work plans and results, and assessing closure options to best match the client’s needs.


transaction1smWhether buying or selling a property with potential or actual environmental issues, exercising due diligence is a critical step. Gahl Legal Group manages the process from start to finish. We coordinate the Phase I investigation and evaluate its legal significance, draft contracts for the protection or transfer of environmental liability, and assess regulatory obligations with EPA and IDEM in order to minimize exposure.

“Some clients desire complete protection from environmental liability, while other clients actively seek contaminated properties in order to restore them. Environmental contamination does not need to break the deal. Our job is to address the risk, provide options, and ultimately craft the terms to achieve your goals.”


dam1smWhat was thought to simply be a lake may be a regulated structure that carries demanding and expensive compliance requirements. Many dam owners are unaware of their legal obligations until receiving a violation letter from the Department of Natural Resources (DNR).  Gahl Legal Group’s experience in this unique area allows us to efficiently manage an owner’s regulatory obligations, and to effectively defend against Dam Safety Act and Flood Control Act claims.

“DNR takes its regulation of dams seriously, so should owners. It is important to be proactive in determining whether your dam is compliant, so contact us today. ”